[rescue] ZFS puzzle migrating from Solaris 10 to 11

Phil Stracchino phils at caerllewys.net
Fri Jul 28 13:17:18 CDT 2017

OK, so.

Consider this:

I have a zfs dataset rpool/home, mountpoint=/home, exported via SMB and
NFS.  This is working fine on both the old Solaris 10 NAS and the new
Solaris 11.3 box.

I have another filesystem, rpool/data.  On the two Solaris source boxes,
it is accessed from a symlink /home/$user/data -> /rpool/data.  It also
is shared via both SMB and NFS, but mountable only from two hosts, one
Unix host using NFS, one Win10 box using SMB.  The Unix host that
accesses rpool/data mounts it as a direct NFS share on
/home/$sameuser/data.  This works fine on both 10u9 and 11.3.

The Win10 box mounts rpool/home as an SMB share, and gets rpool/data via
the symlink /home/$user/data.  This works on 10u9 but NOT on 11.3.  In
both cases, Samba preferences for the HOMES share are set to follow
symlinks.  I see no differences in the SMB settings.

Anyone have any idea what I might possibly have missed on 11.3?

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