[rescue] What version of Solaris for V120?

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Wed Jul 19 17:53:05 CDT 2017

>> Has anybody used any of the Free/Open/Net/BSD versions on this box?
>> Worth considering?

IMO BSD is always worth at least considering.  My own favourite is Net,
but that's largely a historical accident (back when I got into it, Net
was the only one that ran on the hardware I had at hand to use).

>> Would they be more up to date and actively supported?

Depends on exactly what you mean by that.

You may have trouble finding anyone to buy a support contract from.
But, in my (admittedly limited) experience, community support for
open-source OSes is substantially better than commercial support for
traditional closed OSes.  And, if you have a good Unix wizard in-house,
your self-support may well rival the former - though a lot of smaller
organizations don't have anyone suitable.

As for up-to-date, my experience again (same caveat) is that the
open-source Unices are usually ahead of the closed-source versions in
everything but support for undocumented hardware (ie, hardware you have
to sign an NDA and agree to not distribute source to get documentation
for) - and occasionally even in that.  To pick one simple example,
NetBSD/sun3 supports 64-bit file sizes and IPv6; I doubt SunOS ever
supported either on the Sun-3.  (Not sure about sparc32; I don't recall
actually running Solaris on sparc32, except for rebadged SunOS, which I
don't really consider Solaris and which I don't _think_ did 64-bit file
sizes or IPv6.)

>> I will need SSH for the box, so thanks for bringing up that issue.
>> So, it wasn't clear, what ssh are/is usable on Solaris 8?
> Directly answering your SSH question, IMHO, OpenSSH is the obvious
> answer and is free and open source.

...once you have /dev/{u,}random.

Unless you have some reason it's unsuitable (/dev/random? it doesn't do
$THING? license isn't acceptable for some reason?), yeah, that's the
easy and solid answer.

>> Mouse-version with some work or?
> I can't/won't attempt to speak for Mouse, but, quoting from Mouse's
> post dated 18 July 2017 19:05,
> .......................................................
> I don't know which, if any, of those are drop-in on Solaris.  Mine
> (probably) isn't, which is one reason I didn't specifically mention it.
> .......................................................

Yeah, I'd be delighted if someone were to pick up moussh and work with
me to get it working on Solaris.  But, unless you relish the challenge
involved or some such, that is probably not the best answer for you.

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