[rescue] What version of Solaris for V120?

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Wed Jul 19 15:14:14 CDT 2017

Hello Earl,

Qualifier, my intent is not to come across a rude here, although I certain it 
might come across that way.  That stated, you should go back and read the 
details in the correspondence that this thread has generated.  Most of the 
questions (but not all) were answered in detail earlier.

On 07/19/17 12:53 PM, Earl Baugh wrote:
> Thanks for all the advise from everyone.  I did read a bunch on Illumos
> distros (I never actually went and played
> with OpenSolaris, either with Sun or Oracle, so time to catch up the mental
> databank) I had booted at one time
> one of the BSD variants on some Sun HW.... but went back to SunOS/Solaris.

Solaris 8's glory days had come and past long before Oracle purchased Sun.

> To start with, I think I'm going to aim for Solaris 8 (need to know what's
> the latest patch version -- Does this one have
> the annoying RED Oracle logos?  If so, I might look to see what DVD's I
> have around, to see if I have
> a Sun Purple one... though if I patch it, I may get the Oracle stuff I
> suspect, right?)

This is still a V120 right?  Were you planning to install a frame buffer and 
stick a head on it?  If not, text is text.  If the Oracle copyright bothers you 
that much, just modify any Oracle provided text in the /etc/motd/issue/release 
file(s) accordingly.

I admin hundreds of Solaris 11.3+ boxes at $WORK everyday, and I promise you 
that Solaris is still the rock hard solid Unix operating system it has always been.

> If anyone has the latest Solaris 8 ISO handy that would save some time on
> that front.

Peter Stokes made the offer to fix you up with anything you need back from his 
post on 18 July 2017

> I assume I also need to dig up a patch set for that as well... I might have
> a lead on that, but if anyone
> has that bundled up, would appreciate any head start I can get..

not answered in this thread, but thank you to Pete from charter cable who 
provided this link.  I pulled it out of the list archives from 1 Dec 2011.

I just 'now' checked the link, and it appear that the patch archive is still in 
place and available.



On 1/12/2011 8:38 PM, Kurt Nowak wrote:
 > I'm trying to build OpenSSL 1.0.0 on an SS5 running a fresh
 > 'patchless" copy of Solaris 8 and I can't make it past "make test" due
 > to a missing patch fixing the /dev/random device... Does anyone have
 > Sun patch number 112438?  Sunsolve is obviously history....how does
 > one get patches now? Is it even possible without a service contract??
 > Thanks for any help!
 > -Kurt

> Also think I might look at Illumos distros, but I really don't see a solid
> release there for SPARC,
> at least not recently.

I agree here.  I appreciate all the work that comes out of Illumos and the 
distro's based on it.  Unfortunately (at least from my perspective) a large 
portion of the upper people are bigoted towards x86/x64 and away from SPARC. 
Not sure I really understand why.  Yes, you are going to have to dig a bit if 
you want an Illumos distro on SPARC.

.  I've got two drives so I could install OS on
> both (one at a time)
> and see which I like, then wipe the other one...   If I can find something
> that looks solid, I'll give it a go.
> Tribblix looks the most promising.
> Has anybody used any of the Free/Open/Net/BSD versions on this box?   Worth
> considering?
> Would they be more up to date and actively supported?

I'm a big *BSD fan myself, and a V120 would probably be a great box for that 
purpose.  All I could really see you loosing is any commercial SPARC apps, 
assuming you have any.

Its only the T-series boxes and later that I would recommend Solaris only, but 
that is beyond the scope of this thread.

> I am going to try to keep things light on what's installed on the box.  The
> web site and related tools.  If it gets
> attacked, I'll just purge and restore....

If you install Solaris 10uXX, that ships with the ipfilter firewall software. 
If you use Solaris 8, there are already pre-compiled ipfilter Sys V style 
packages, or you can compile your own binaries.   *BSD releases will have their 
own firewall software.  No good reason to hang a box out on the Internet that 
isn't locked down.

> I will need SSH for the box, so thanks for bringing up that issue.    So,
> it wasn't clear, what ssh are/is usable
> on Solaris 8?

 From an earlier post, this web page pretty well brings you up to speed on the 
/dev/random issue::


Although Jonathan Patschke made a great post documenting some additional 
/dev/random resources for Unix.

Directly answering your SSH question, IMHO, OpenSSH is the obvious answer and is 
free and open source.  If you have money to spend on this, then the commercial 
ssh.com offering is also an option.  IMHO, this covers 99% of all the use cases, 
except possibly for windows and OS/2 systems.  Not sure what happens on mainframes.

> Mouse-version with some work or?

I can't/won't attempt to speak for Mouse, but,
quoting from Mouse's post dated 18 July 2017 19:05,

I don't know which, if any, of those are drop-in on Solaris.  Mine
(probably) isn't, which is one reason I didn't specifically mention it.

Unless you have a specific reason not to use it, I believe you would be hard 
pressed to choose anything other than the latest release of OpenSSH.  It is 
literally a decade, or maybe more, ahead of the now depreciated SunSSH, that 
would install as part of Solaris 10.

Its been about 5 years for me, since an employer (partially) forced the 
commercial ssh.com version on me, but that is an option that was mentioned 
earlier also.

Specifically regarding SSH clients, you could also go out and hit a repository, 
such as sourceforge.net , a quick search there shows over a thousand ssh 
applications and supporting applications.

That, IMHO, it the great things about Unix, always lots of options.

> Earl
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