[rescue] What version of Solaris for V120?

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Wed Jul 19 12:53:28 CDT 2017

Thanks for all the advise from everyone.  I did read a bunch on Illumos
distros (I never actually went and played
with OpenSolaris, either with Sun or Oracle, so time to catch up the mental
databank) I had booted at one time
one of the BSD variants on some Sun HW.... but went back to SunOS/Solaris.

To start with, I think I'm going to aim for Solaris 8 (need to know what's
the latest patch version -- Does this one have
the annoying RED Oracle logos?  If so, I might look to see what DVD's I
have around, to see if I have
a Sun Purple one... though if I patch it, I may get the Oracle stuff I
suspect, right?)

If anyone has the latest Solaris 8 ISO handy that would save some time on
that front.
I assume I also need to dig up a patch set for that as well... I might have
a lead on that, but if anyone
has that bundled up, would appreciate any head start I can get..

Also think I might look at Illumos distros, but I really don't see a solid
release there for SPARC,
at least not recently.  .  I've got two drives so I could install OS on
both (one at a time)
and see which I like, then wipe the other one...   If I can find something
that looks solid, I'll give it a go.
Tribblix looks the most promising.

Has anybody used any of the Free/Open/Net/BSD versions on this box?   Worth
Would they be more up to date and actively supported?

I am going to try to keep things light on what's installed on the box.  The
web site and related tools.  If it gets
attacked, I'll just purge and restore....

I will need SSH for the box, so thanks for bringing up that issue.    So,
it wasn't clear, what ssh are/is usable
on Solaris 8?  Mouse-version with some work or?


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