[rescue] What version of Solaris for V120?

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Tue Jul 18 22:12:58 CDT 2017

>> There are a bunch of other ssh(v2) implementations.  I'm fond of my
>> own (of course), but there are plenty of others, not all of which
>> are OpenSSH-derived.  [...]
> I wasn't aware of your SSH implementation, where can I/we read more
> about it?

My primary distribution mechanism for it is a world-clonable git repo
(git://git.rodents-montreal.org/moussh).  This isn't much use for just
reading about it, though.
ftp.rodents-montreal.org:/mouse/local/src/moussh is an unpacked copy of
the git repo's master branch.  (There are a bunch of other branches,
perhaps most notably bignum, which provides its own large-number
arithmetic code rather than depending on libgmp, and linux, which
includes some attempts to make it less Linux-hostile.)

In particular, there is a README in the top-level directory that gives
a few pointers to where to find more detailed documentation, depending
on what documentation you're looking for.

>> While I don't run Solaris (nor any other closed-source OS) myself, I
>> have nothing against convincing my software to run on Solaris.
> I won't state that there are plenty, there are a couple dozen open
> source Solaris based distro's.

Solaris-based, yes, my memory is handing me the name Indiana.  But
Solaris proper is closed, is it not?

I may someday set up a Solaris-ish machine running one of the open
variants, but that is, for now, still well in the future.

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