[rescue] What version of Solaris for V120?

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Mon Jul 17 12:36:24 CDT 2017

I've been working on the rack in my office and swapped out some machines
for some "new-old" machines that will take less space
(and allow for more disk storage which is what I find I need more of).  I'm
keeping the E420 and E220 in the rack (both because it's the best physical
place for them, and they're fun to run during the winter :-) ).  But the
SS10 and Sun Blade 150 went down to the collection...(with the Apple II's,
Sun 1, etc.)

So, in the spirit of the discussion of which Solaris version to install,
I'm looking for a Sun branded version of Solaris (I'd really rather NOT see
that Oracle logo...just turns my stomach :-) ) .   I'm going to be making
this my web server, so will need Tomcat, Python and maybe some sort of
DB... but I'm flexible on that.   I have a couple decent size SCSI drives
for it (and a new-old Snap SAN box that supports NFS so can load up storage
via that...run on sata disks so easy to keep that going for a while).

So, Solaris 8?  Or?   I'm not concerned about running the latest and
What patch version?   (I believe I have access to a collection of patches
via a local contact, so that's not an issue).
I'm going to compile/build whatever code I'm running on it, so don't
necessarily need packages.

(this machine is next up on the list to get things going...)


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