[rescue] Solaris Studio

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Mon Jul 17 09:37:02 CDT 2017

> And absolutely critically, I need to be able to compile Bacula
> 64-bit.  ALL of the open-source packages are 32-bit.
> [...]
> Look, I don't care if a task runs 2%-3% slower.  But I *REALLY* care
> if something as simple as a file copy craps out in the middle of a
> 4GB file because it can't handle a file offset larger than 2GB.

Well, I don't know Solaris,  But building for a 32-bit ISA is not
necessarily incompatible with correct handling of >31bit (or even
>32bit) file sizes - NetBSD runs on lots of 32-bit-only machines with
full support for files bigger than 4G, and has for over a decade.  This
is not rocket science.

Which is not to say that Solaris bothers to do so, of course.  Which is
why I led off with that disclaimer.

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