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Quite a few questions and comments, replying the best I can.

* 10.11 - technically, that is Solaris 10u11 01/13

* SunBlade 2500 OS options - absolutely.  From my list archives, it looks like 
William Barnett-Lewis got a SunBlade 2500 system back in early June 2017, and we 
all visited about OS options there.

* compiler options - *my person opinion only* - FWIW.  Just pick one, hopefully 
the best choice for what you will be compiling, and run with that.  Frequently, 
complementary items compiled with different compilers will bump heads.

Case in point, compile Perl modules using GCC to use with the system/OS provided 
Perl from Oracle from either Solaris 10 or 11.  All kinds of problems.  Because 
the OS needs its version of Perl for specific things (i.e. kstat), I will 
typically compile my own Perl then install under the /usr/local/ 
sub-director(ies) , then add my modules that are also compiled with the same GCC 

Back in the 2.3 - 2.5 days, it was GCC for GNU code and Sun Studio for 
everything else for me.  These days, I'm pretty much able to do everything with 
GCC, unless there is some special need not to.

* Can the Solaris 11 Express repository be set up on a DVD?  Never done that 
myself, but God, that sounds painful.  Just from a high level, you would need to 
download the different parts of the repository, put them together, run the 
install script to create the repository, then once you had validated your 
repository was functional, you would have to burn that data to a DVD or BlueRay 
disc, then reconfigure the repository web server to point to the new optical 
drive location.  Curious what you see as the advantage to this approach?????

* How different is Solaris 11 to Illumos?  depends on what part of the OS you 
are referencing.  If you visit the Illumos web site, one of the goals is binary 
compatibility with Oracle's offering.  That said, the answer to your question is 
a firm "it depends".  Specific things like ZFS between Oracle vs Illumos and 
OpenZFS already differ greatly.  Same with basic stuff like /etc/resolv.conf and 
/etc/nsswitch.conf.  On Solaris 11.x, those are now services modified by svccfg. 
  Everywhere else those are flat ASCII files modified by vi.  Many/most things 
are either identical or very similar.

* Packages - IPS packages on both Solaris 11 and Illumos distro's.  Sys V 
packages still work everywhere, but not actively/intentionally used by the OS. 
Solaris 10 Sys V packages only.  Pkgsrc is whatever it is un-into itself.  I 
have never used it myself.

Repeating one of my earlier comments, basic stuff, i.e. autoconf, automake, 
flex, bison, etc, never had any problems with the OS supplied versions and 
usually run with them.  Anything big with lots of compile time command line 
parameters, I build myself, i.e. Apache httpd, ProFTPd, PHP, BIND, MySQL, 
Sendmail, Postfix.   No vendor is ever going to compile any of those with all 
the command line parameters that I want/need.

I know that a lot of people like packages, especially people (from my own 
personal observations) that come from a lunix background.  Certainly there is 
nothing wrong with that, as long as the supplied binary meets all your 
operational needs.

Maybe I've just been lucky in the items I run, but I typically don't run into 
too many road blocks compiling basic open source code on Solaris.  Primarily 
referencing Solaris 10, 11 and current Open Solaris based distro's.  Things were 
a lot different back in the 2.3, 2.4 and 2.5x days, when I would have to go in 
and personally massage code to get a clean compile.

On 07/16/17 03:06 PM, David Brownlee wrote:
> On 16 July 2017 at 19:42, William Barnett-Lewis <wlewisiii at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I've been following this discussion as I have recently gotten my hands
>> on a Blade 2500 Silver. I currently have 10.11 on it (which is newer)
>> but have been considering using either Solaris Express 11 or
>> http://www.opensxce.org/.  I can't go to 11.x since Oracle dropped
>> USIII support.  I'd like to be able to use Solaris Studio because I
>> never could afford the official compilers back in the the day and I
>> get tired of gcc's ... quirks...
>> A couple of questions: Can the Express Repository be setup on a DVD?
>> The Oracle repository won't work with Express so I have to find a way
>> to set up the local one.
>> I haven't had the best of luck with openCSW under 10.11; will their
>> packages work with express or am I better off with using whatever
>> versions are in the Repository and then building newer from source?
>> Or would using an alternate distribution (like opensxce but any will
>> do) be a better option?
>> I'm just interested in setting it up to play with and, eventually,
>> building a personal database (I might use Ingres since I used it
>> commercially once upon a lifetime ago) just for the fun of it.  No
>> commercial needs, just a nice old workstation that I'd like to keep
>> using for fun and knowledge.
> How different is Solaris 11 to Illumos? Just curious as if Illumos is
> able to build 15,000 pretty up to date packages via pkgsrc (
> https://pkgsrc.joyent.com/install-on-illumos/ ) then it might me a
> relatively easy way to get a set of useful and current packages for
> Solaris 11
> Mmm, looks like there is an older howto for Solaris 10
> http://wiki.netbsd.org/pkgsrc/how_to_use_pkgsrc_on_solaris/
> Having poked around quite a bit with pkgsrc if someone is interested
> and has a ssh accessible zone I'd be happy to help...
> David
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