[rescue] Sun SPARCclassic (spare parts?) + CD extras

Steve Rikli sr at genyosha.net
Sat Jul 15 16:44:48 CDT 2017

I have a Sun SPARCclassic, maybe for spare parts, and Sun CD extras, free
to good home.

I'd prefer local pickup in the San Francisco bay area (I'm in 95050 south
bay), preferably for the whole lot; if you *really* need a Classic and
will cover shipping, I'll box it up if there are no other takers.

NOTE:  the Classic has no RAM and I see no post output on serial console;
iirc this was my "spare parts" Sun, but I'm not positive.  It does power
on so that much seems okay.  It has a 4GB Seagate Hawk SCSI system disk.

Cosmetically the case is intact and very clean, with a red "beastie"
logo case sticker.  :-)  The sysdisk might have old NetBSD on it.

Some other odds & ends & extras:

  1 Sun/SGI SCSI CDROM drive caddy
  1 CD, "Updates for SOLARIS Operating Environment 2.5.1"
  1 CD, "OpenSolaris 2009.06, Platforms: x86/x64"


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