[rescue] HP 3xx and DECstation stuff for rescue in Seattle metro

James Birdsall jwb-tech at picarefy.com
Tue Jul 11 22:46:03 CDT 2017

I have a pile of HP 3xx workstations, models and configurations unknown.

Similarly a pile of DECstations.

There's also a couple of desktop VAXen.

Plus a box or two of boards to go with each group.

The time has come to admit that the odds of me ever getting around to 
doing anything with these machines is very small, whereas the odds that 
I will need the space in my garage very soon approach unity.

These machines are down in Kent East Hill. I do not have the time to box 
them up and ship them. I'm not going to recycle them or anything, but if 
somebody could rescue them this weekend (15th or 16th) it would be much 


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