[rescue] Random Sun and Cisco Hardware Free to Good Home

Matt Pickering mpickering at mindspring.com
Sun Jul 9 10:12:56 CDT 2017

Hi all,

Before I bin this stuff I thought I would offer it on the Sun Rescue list as I've had good luck finding homes for old hardware here.

I have the following items I am looking to get rid of:

Sun Netra T1 1U server.  Has CD-ROM drive and rails.
Sun Netra T1 105 1U server.

It appears both servers have drives and memory.  Capacities unknown.

Sun Type 5c Keyboard
Sun optical mouse pad
5 Sun drive sleds
2 drive backing plates
501-5149 Sun Ultra 5/10 440Mhz CPU module
501-4788 Sun Creator 3D card
2 x 501-1645 CG6 SBus Color Frame Buffer
Sun Blade 100 software and manuals, cable accessories and 2 ATA disks.  Probably original OS installs.  In an accessories box.

Cisco 2500 Terminal Server with pigtail serial cable
2 x Cisco 3600 Routers
A variety of cards for the 3600s including Ethernet, optical, etc.

I'd prefer to find a home for this gear but it is taking up space and I'm never going to use it.  Free for pick up or drop off in the Annapolis/Baltimore, Washington DC, Northern VA area.  I can ship it but it is going to cost a lot.  Probably more than the gear is worth.

Let me know if you're interested or pass it along to those who might be. 



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