[rescue] Sun 3/110 CPU board

Shawn Neely maxweb at pacbell.net
Wed Jul 5 13:21:30 CDT 2017

> Anyone interested in a 3/110 CPU board? Renton, Washington area.

I'm in the San Francisco bay area, trying to put together a working Sun 3/110 system.  I have a CPU board that fails in boot-up diagnostics and have tried replacing some MMU circuitry chips without any luck so far.  I'd very much be interested in your board if still available, or any other similar "Prism" or "Carerra" CPU boards from anyone on the list who might be willing to sell/trade a spare. (i.e. Sun part 501-1134, 501-1209, 501-1074, 501-1096, 501-1163, 501-1164, or 501-1208)


Shawn Neely
Oakland, CA

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