[rescue] rescue Digest, Vol 176, Issue 1

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Sun Jul 2 12:47:55 CDT 2017

Sorry forgot to mention.
Atlanta area


> From: Cory Smelosky <b4 at gewt.net>
> Location?
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>> On Jul 1, 2017, at 14:13, Earl Baugh <earl at baugh.org> wrote:
>> I rescued some equipment from a local company and I'm happy with what I
>> got, but need a few other pieces to flush things out.
>> First : Snap SAN Server (either S2000 or N2000).
>> They pulled all the drives (not a big surprise) which looks like it means
>> that I also lost the Guardian OS this thing needs to run.
>> I've tried to download an image...found a backdoor to the Adaptec ftp site
>> and found one password protected download that looked
>> right... after breaking the password it unpacked but didn't load because
>> said wasn't properly signed.  Given how I dug it up, not
>> completely surprised. :-)    I'm looking for either a 4.4XX version or a
>> 5.XXX version (those look like the latest for it... but I'll take
>> a 3.XXX version... just want to find something to allow this boot.)
>> Second, Need more RAM for this puppy.  Right now it has 2GB but can take
>> to 12 sticks (so that would be 24GB).  Not sure if it can take 4 GB sticks
>> yet.  But I'd be happier with something closer to 24 than 2.
>> Third:  Got a couple Dell Servers and settled on the Poweredge 860 ( to
>> replace an old rack mounted PC that gave up the ghost)
>> I'll save 3U (which will let me fit the Snap which is 2U, and a
>> combo-keyboard-monitor slide out shelf that I also picked up... always
>> wanted one of those as well.  But would like to flush out the memory to
>> on this box (I have 4 gb now).  From what I'm reading,
>> it looks like I need this : 2048MB-667MHz DDR2-667 PC2-5300, 240p DIMM,
>> ECC, 1.8v
>> I've got stuff to trade of course.. some stuff from the recent pick up
>> (including some  Dell Servers, a couple SGI SAN Trays, some Fortigate
>> 311Bs, an IBM SAN rack, a BladeCenter (already picked up 3 of these...got
>> another still to pick up.. and blades...)
>> Earl

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