[rescue] Books free to good home

Sun Jan 29 08:59:07 CST 2017

Good morning all

I am decluttering a bit, and came upon a pile of some books that I have no
current use for.  While I do not, someone else may.  Books are heavy, I'd
be willing to ship for the cost of media mail paid from 44871.  Local
pickup is also an option. :)

Leaning Windows 2003, O'Reilly: ISBN-13:978-0-596-10123-7

Windows Server Cookbook, O'Reilly: ISBN: 0-596-00633-0

CCSP Cisco Secure VPN Exam Cert Guide, ISBN: 1-58720-070-8 *

CCSP CSI Exam Certification Guide, ISBN: 1-58720-089-9 *

Cisco ASA and PIX Firewall Handbook, ISBN: 1-58705-158-3

Windows Server 2003 in a nutshell: ISBN: 0-596-00404-4

Implenting IPSec, Wiley, ISBN: 0-471-34467-2 *

Cisco Cert: Bridges, Routers, Switches, Automation Research System
ISBN: 0-13-090389-2 *

* Denotes hard cover.  All others are soft.

Let me know.  Otherwise, they go to Goodwill (not sure if they will take
them?) or as our over the pond folks like to say ... "they go to the skip"


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