[rescue] Desk-height DEC "half rack"?

Ed Thierbach ethierba at umich.edu
Sun Jan 22 12:23:58 CST 2017

> Mine is labelled a pdp11V03 on the formica top, which yields one more
> picture via google:
> http://www.ebay.ie/itm/DEC-Digital-PDP11V03-Dual-8-034-
> Floppy-Drives-in-CAB-0-/311765077814?&_trksid=p2056016.m2518.l4276
> I'll try to get some pictures of mine tomorrow.
> Pat

Short version: I think it's an "H984" cabinet. Some may call it a "tea
cart". The PDP-8 had something similar.

Long version:

Searching for 11V03 got me to the DEC OEM Hardware and Software Product
Summary for 1976:


For the 11V03 systems, it shows the mounting option as simply '25 1/2"
CAB', no other model number for the cabinet.   So I searched for that, and
found another manual:


Page 25 of that manual calls it the H984 cabinet. That led me to the
Vintage Computer Forum:


which confirms the H984 model number.

FWIW, I had something similar for a while, but it was a PDP-8-based word
processor.  A former employer had it stashed in storage, and I brought it
home to see what I could do.  I never did, so it went back to their attic
when I left.  You might want to search for WPS-8, or Datastation 330 (I
think that's what it was called, could be wrong).  There may have been
other PDP-8s that used that cabinet.

I hope this helps a bit in your search, Bill!

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