[rescue] Desk-height DEC "half rack"?

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So I couldn't resist, even though this is not a helpful response. Attached is a scan of an original 8.5 x 11 handout for a DEC DataSystem 330. The back says (c) 1973. It was basically a PDP-8/e system for MBAs instead of engineers. The relevance is that is shows something like the subject cabinet in question. On the left is I suspect an RK05, then dual DECtapes in the half rack, a VT52 on the table top, and a Centronics 101 (I don't recall what DEC called it). Note the computer itself is hidden (no color coded octal grouped register switches, no 12 bits of blinking incandescent lights); that's why it is for MBAs. 

I have a working PDP-8/e with an RK05 running OS/8. 
I have a VAXstation 4000/60 stuffed with 72 Mb running VMS 7.0 and on-line on the internet using good old UCX. 

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> On 1/21/2017 11:16 PM, Bill Bradford wrote: 
>> I can't even find a picture of one via Google right now. Wow. 
>> Bill 
> Lurker here, thought I would chime in since I know EXACTLY the half rack you 
> are talking about. There one or two of them on eBay a year or so ago. 
> One had an 11/03 in it and the other I think was a slightly taller design 
> (still wood grain surface on top) with two RL/01 (or 02) drives in them. 
> This is the only photo I have been able to find online. 
> 11/03, dual RX floppies, and a VT52 on top just as you described. 
> http://i.imgur.com/K1eMkSY.jpg 

Mine is labelled a pdp11V03 on the formica top, which yields one more 
picture via google: 


I'll try to get some pictures of mine tomorrow. 

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