[rescue] Major Clearout! (UK LN11)

Rob Jarratt robert.jarratt at ntlworld.com
Sun Jan 8 12:12:45 CST 2017

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> Subject: [rescue] Major Clearout! (UK LN11)
> Hi,
> I recently got my butt kicked out of my Self-Storage unit. Plus is I'm
> 45 quid a month better off, minus is I have a TON of old stuff, mostly
> that I need rid of. Most of this will get recycled if it isn't gone by
March 31st.
> It's a LONG list (I went into way too much detail).

I picked up a couple of Mark's items today. I am a total Apple newbie and it
seems I will need an ADB keyboard and mouse. I have not found much on eBay
that is in the UK. Does anyone have a keyboard and mouse they are prepared
to sell?



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