[rescue] Major Clearout! (UK LN11) UPDATE

Mark Benson md.benson at gmail.com
Tue Jan 3 12:37:27 CST 2017


I found a big bag of 5V 60ns PowerMac RAM DIMMs in my RAM box, if anyone 
is interested in it. Sizes range from 8MB to 128MB AFAIK but I have no 
time to test all of them. They have been kept in the warm and dry though 
so should be okay in theory.

= I have had money offers (over and above postage) for =

Radius Thunder IV GX1600
Radius Thunder IV GX1280

= I potentially have found homes for =

Radius Rocket
Newton MP 130
Racal Interlan (SE/30)
SE Logic Board
Mac Colour Classic
Mac Quadra 840av
Jackhammer SCSI card
PCI Mac Rage 128 GL Video Card
Mac Classic
Mac IIci
MacPicasso NuBus card
1x NuBus 10 MBit LAN Card

I hope to start finalising stuff that's shipping by post next week and 
shipping it out soon (on receipt of necessary payment)

It's good to see this stuff go to good homes.



Mark Benson

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