[rescue] SBus card doc sought

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Sun Feb 19 09:43:17 CST 2017

I find I have some SBus cards without doc.  I'm wondering if perchance
any of you might know where I could find documentation on them.
(Binary-only drivers do not count as documentation unless for some
reason it's OK for me to reverse-engineer them, which IME most
binary-only drivers' licenses forbid.)

Specifically, I have

	I know this is a FibreChannel interface, but nothing more.

	Some kind of fibre-optic card, presumably an ATM interface.
	The back panel is marked
	SONET					90-2095-12/E
	OC-3c MMF
	(and "Tx", "Rx", and "Status", which appear to apply to the
	fiber connector and a LED, respectively).

	Some kind of fibre-optic card, based on the back-panel
	connector (the device behind that connector is marked "125 Mb/s
	1300nm", "FSD TRANSCEIVER", and "269055-5").  I find nothing on
	this card that looks to me like a manufacturer name or logo
	(except on some of the chips), nor model number ("nf" is simply
	what it shows up as in OBP when I put it in a SS20).  It has a
	sticker with a barcode and the text "3702715010402", which I
	would suspect of being a Sun barcode except that (a) I'd expect
	to see the Sun name/logo and (b) IME Sbus cards are 501-
	numbers, not 370- numbers.  Other text I find in the PCB etch:

	) 1995 S-BUS4 610-0241-02A REV
	PCB 105-0162-02A

	And, on stickers on two of the chips (/ indicates a line break)

	650-0310-01 / REV 1.0 U1
	0319-03 / 4.2 / U13 / 7EFBDF

PTI,sbs334 pt_si64
	(That is how it shows up in OBP.)  This is from "PERFORMANCE
	TECHNOLOGIES, INC." and appears to be some kind of serial card;
	it's got a daughterboard attached which is prominently marked
	"RS422" in two places.  There are four back-panel connectors
	which look a bit like the SS20 back-panel SCSI connector, only
	about half the width (26 pins each) and with screw sockets
	instead of latch clips for connector retention.

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