[rescue] Sources of IRIX?

Richard legalize at xmission.com
Fri Feb 17 14:27:06 CST 2017

In article <alpine.BSF.2.20.1702171321520.1841 at blueshift.celestrion.net>,
    Jonathan Patschke <jp at celestrion.net> writes:

> The big take-away I got from doing a _lot_ of CD-based IRIX installs is to
> only install the bare minimum from the miniroot.  Overlay + foundation and
> resolve conflicts.  If you do try to install the developer libraries,
> compilers, applications, and site-specific stuff, inst can easily find
> dozens on conflicts and ask for IRIX Foundation Disc 1 three or four
> times.
> So, yes, if you use miniroot inst naively, it can take an hour or two
> before you're at the Indigo Magic login prompt.  If you follow best
> practices, it's relatively low-pain.

Perhaps that is the difference between our experiences.  I only used
the miniroot to get the OS installed.  I wasn't trying to create a
development machine, so I didn't install anything beyond the basic OS.
If we installed anything after the OS it was by booting the OS and
logging in and using inst as a regular user and not from the miniroot.
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