[rescue] Sources of IRIX?

Eric Dueweke edueweke at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 20:42:58 CST 2017

I have had experience with U of M (Michigan) surplus and university of
Pittsburgh. U of M had much more interesting gear but pricing was random
and a lot was scrapped before hitting the floor. Pitt is super friendly and
pretty much lets me set prices. If you're not a jerk, they'll let you go
through anything that comes in. I recently bought two R4K indigos for $10


On Feb 14, 2017 8:03 PM, "Phil Stracchino" <phils at caerllewys.net> wrote:

> On 02/14/17 18:34, Richard wrote:
> > I'm of a split mind about the pricing of university surplus.
> > Depending on the institution it can be a bargain or a raping.
> That's true of a lot of surplus.  Some places are "Eh, get it out the
> door and give su some token amount we can put on the books to write it
> off."  Others are, "We paid $15,000 for this twelve years ago ...  it
> should still be worth at least $5,000, right?"
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