[rescue] Sources of IRIX?

Jonathan Patschke jp at celestrion.net
Sun Feb 12 19:11:30 CST 2017

On Sun, 12 Feb 2017, John Hudak wrote:

> well,ok, I don't know what I am getting myself into, but...Ive done the
> floppy shuffle with Slack (actually my favorite OS over the years) and I
> don't mind doing the CD shuffle with SGI, but, after about the 4-5th time
> it gets a little old.....so, If you would be so kind to send me a copy of
> the HOWTO, It would  be very much appreciated!
> An IRIS install server seems to be the ticket.
> Much appreciated.

I can't seem to find it either in my homedir or through Google, but I did
find some notes on a change that I made here:


And I have my install server VM (running OpenBSD 5.1, so it's at least a
few years old).

There's this HOWTO which fills in the rest:


If your Linux distribution doesn't have an EFS module ready (CentOS 7
doesn't), you can probably get away with installing the source for the
running kernel, adding the following to the kernel .config file, and
running 'make modules'


With a little luck, you'll be able to modprobe the resulting efs.ko.

If you'd like to try the NFS installation (instead of the default
rsh/rcp), I probably have NFS-eneabled kernels for at least IP28,
IP22/IP24 and IP30.

Jonathan Patschke
Austin, TX

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