[rescue] Sources of IRIX

Carl R. Friend crfriend at rcn.com
Sun Feb 12 08:40:33 CST 2017

On 02/11/2017 11:07 PM, John Hudak wrote:
>>> 'Tis a pity that they all carry the time-bomb that is the Dallas
> clock-chip...
> say what???!?!?!
> Time bomb??  I know about DS, but, I vaguely recall something about the
> timer chip..been too long,please refresh..

    The Dallas clock-chip which, among other things, is the NVRAM that
stores the Ethernet MAC address has a lithium battery in it which is
already well beyond its life-span -- the chip, of course, went
unobtanium long ago, and even if you can find NOS for the things, the
internal batteries will entirely likely be dead.

   At issue with this, is that without the MAC address, an Indy won't
boot properly (or at least the network will not work.  If you're lucky
enough to have a late-model one, it's possible to get it into the
ROM-based command monitor and reset the MAC address so the thing will
boot -- and run properly -- until the next time its powered down.

setenv -f eaddr 08:00:09:xx:yy:zz

will set the thing for you using the serial number found on the back
of the case.


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