[rescue] need (physical) key for Sun SPARCserver 1000e

Andrew M Hoerter amh at pobox.com
Wed Feb 8 19:22:48 CST 2017

On 2/8/17 19:04, Jerry Kemp wrote:

> I came into physical position of a well optioned-out SPARCserver 1000e,
> accompanied by several SPARC Storage Arrays.

Congratulations, having a sun4d-class machine is certainly an 
interesting slice of Sun history.  I had a 1000 on my desk in the late 
90's, I rescued it from retirement and gave it new life as a testing 

> Hoping that someone out there either has a key that they will part with,
> or, knows of another (presumably Sun) key that will work in the 1000e
> key switch.

According to my field engineer handbook, you're looking for part 
#330-1651.  This key was shared by the SS1000, SC2000, StorEdge L1000, 
StorEdge L140, StorEdge L400, SPARCstorage Library Model 8/400, 8/140, 
and possibly other hardware of that vintage.

By the Ultra Enterprise era, Sun had introduced a new part number for 
the power key, so those probably won't work.

I guess you could also examine the switch mechanism and see if there's 
some identifying mark to narrow down the original manufacturer and 
obtain a key that way, I would assume Sun bought them off the shelf from 
a 3rd party.

That's probably not hugely helpful to you, but good luck!

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