[rescue] license: WAS::::::::::::::Re: Sources of IRIX?

Jerry Kemp sun.mail.list47 at oryx.us
Wed Feb 8 15:12:06 CST 2017

Hello Alex,

Thanks for the offer on your notes, I would like to take you up on it.

I just acquired a different toy today, but my next goal is to pick up an SGI Fuel.

I'm glad this discussion popped up, I'm collecting all the IRIX notes I can. 
Its been (6) years since I was at a shop with lots of SGI hardware, and 
sometimes stuff gets forgotten.

Anything you can share is appreciated.


On 02/ 8/17 02:54 PM, Alex D wrote:
> You need to google for mipsPro FlexLM license files... It's been a while since
> I played around with them, but it's a pretty simple text file, that ties
> products to a hostID and a license type / expiry timeframe. I can go back
> through my notes if anyone cares... Just edit with vi, and restart the license
> manager...
> For installation you need to start off with the base CD's for a release and
> then apply the updates. IIRC SGI called them foundations and overlays? Package
> dependencies are very important in IRIX and the install/upgrade tool strictly
> enforces this.
> Again it's been a while since I played with this so my info might not be 100%
> accurate.
> Now if anyone has a personal iris 4d series that they want rid of let me know.
> Even better would be a 3100 series (68k).
> Cheers
> Alex

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