[rescue] IP X 525-1177-03

john ferguson jferg977 at aol.com
Mon Feb 6 09:37:21 CST 2017

Hi Peter,

I unearthed my IPX, opened it up and the Eprom says 525-1177-03 1991.

I think I bought this board in either 1995 or 2003, not sure.  I 
switched the hostid chip with the one which came with it.

as I said in an earlier note, the power supply on tis machine doesn't 
work.  I have no idea whether the mother board is still ok.  I have a 
prom burner and could read my chip if you are interested but this will 
take a week or two for me to get to.

I'm finishing construction of a self-designed and built r/c plane and am 
consumed with curiosity as to whether it will fly.


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