[rescue] My Sparcstation Voyager is disfunctional

Daniel Wetzler danielwetzler at appleinfo.de
Fri Dec 29 06:13:47 CST 2017

Dear Sunhelpers :-),

I have a problem with my Sun Sparc Voyager, which was functional about 2 
years ago but isn't today.

After connecting it to the power and pressing the start button it sounds 
like a hardddrive begins to spin but that's all what happens.

The green light at the front does not light. I opened the case to see 
whether there is a obviously defective part on the motherboard but it isn't.

The motherboard is clean. The processor begins to warm up during 
powering up, so it seems that it gets power.

Do you have an idea what could be the problem ?

Do you know where to get more informations about the Voyager, in best 
case instruction for repairing it (for example from a Sun Service 
handbook) ?

Best regards,


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