[rescue] 3B2: power supply

Barry Keeney barryk at chaoscon.com
Tue Dec 12 13:38:23 CST 2017

    I have parts of a 3b2, I'm missing the case/backplane
for a 3b2-1000 to complete mine. Anyone got these?

    As for the powersupply I'm not sure mine would match yours
or not.

On Tue, 12 Dec 2017, Cory Smelosky wrote:

> On Tue, Dec 12, 2017, at 10:50, Jerry Kemp wrote:
>> I wish I had an extra P/S for you, unfortunately, I do not.
>> FWIW, an email directly to Seth, if you haven't already done so,
>> regarding
>> schematics is probably my best suggestion.
> Poked him directly for PSU pinouts...also washed the faulty one to
> restore consistency across the voltage rails (all dead now probably as
> opposed to just one!) so it may be repairable.
>> Since completing his 3b2 emulator project, is seems that Seth has been a
>> wealth
>> of information and documentation as of lately.  Either thru his own
>> works, or
>> from others feeding docs his way.
> I have some 3B2 boards to send his way...I apparently have about 3 of
> every board...friends with 3B2 stuff they want gone is useful ;)
>> Another possible source, that is new, at least to me, is the "living
>> computers"
>> people.  Similar to what SDF used to provide, they have an online 3b2
>> where you
>> can get guest accounts, poke around.  Possible that they might have those
>> resources also.
> Ooh. They have a 3B2 now?
>> Good luck on your repair.  I know an emulator is a long way from real HW,
>> but
>> just being able to get back on AT&T Unix has been very therapeutic for
>> me.
> My 3B1 at least works! Well, aside from not doing anything.
>> Jerry
>> On 12/12/17 12:41 PM, Cory Smelosky wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> Does anyone have a 3B2 power supply spare, and/or schematics for them?
>>> 3B2/400 is such...mine is conveniently missing +12V. :(
>>> Alternatively, the pinout for the power connector would help.
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