[rescue] 3B2: power supply

Jerry Kemp sun.mail.list47 at oryx.us
Tue Dec 12 13:29:21 CST 2017

On 12/12/17 01:03 PM, Cory Smelosky wrote:

>> Another possible source, that is new, at least to me, is the "living
>> computers"
>> people.  Similar to what SDF used to provide, they have an online 3b2
>> where you
>> can get guest accounts, poke around.  Possible that they might have those
>> resources also.
> Ooh. They have a 3B2 now?

They do.  I personally have a 3b2 account there, and, IMHO, software wise their 
system is very well populated.

>> Good luck on your repair.  I know an emulator is a long way from real HW,
>> but
>> just being able to get back on AT&T Unix has been very therapeutic for
>> me.
> My 3B1 at least works! Well, aside from not doing anything.

FWIW, Seth's SIMH 3b2 emulator works very well.  Network is not there yet, but 
pretty much everything else is.

3b1.  Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to use, or even see one of 
those in-the-flesh.  Hopefully something that can be remedied in the future.

Again, best of luck with your P/S repair.

>> Jerry

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