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Stefan Skoglund stefan.skoglund at agj.net
Fri Dec 8 18:54:17 CST 2017

fre 2017-12-08 klockan 13:57 -0500 skrev Dave McGuire: 
>   She immediately called the police and said there was an emergency and
> that she needed help right away.  When they arrived, four cop cars in
> three minutes flat with lights on, she demanded that I immediately be
> TAKEN INTO CUSTODY because I was "doing things I wasn't supposed to be
> doing" in the house.  Being professionals, they wanted to know exactly
> what it was that she thought I was doing in there that was so bad.  They
> asked, and she said, gesturing around, "All of these...THINGS!
>   The police asked us who we all were, determined that she was the
> landlord and I was the tenant, and then asked me for permission to look
> around the house, which of course I granted without hesitation, given
> the situation, and thoughts of handcuffs.
>   They looked around for about ten minutes, found nothing amiss, but
> said "Hey, you do have some unusual stuff here, what do you do for a
> living?"  I explained, they told her there was nothing at all wrong
> about what I was doing, apologized to me for the intrusion, wished me a
> good day, advised the crazy landlord to go home and not hassle me
> further, and left.  With no small amount of objection from the crazy
> bitch, of course.
>   Of course it was immediately turned into a big joke around here and a
> few other mailing lists, but I assure you there was nothing at all funny
> about it.

Here if that happened it would usually risks getting that olde question:
What are you doing with that junk ??

I do think a landlord would have to cheat for the policy to come like
that (uniformed police in 4 different cars) - like telling them that
i think he is making bombs !

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