[rescue] Ultra 60, looking for CPU's, OS advice

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Sat Dec 2 16:03:26 CST 2017

> BSD - don't recall the exact distro, but thing that others were
> successfully running NetBSD on SPARC equipment.

Yes, but there's SPARC and there's SPARC.

NetBSD has run on SPARCs of _some_ stripe since before the turn of the
millennium (it "was imported into the NetBSD source tree on October 2,
1993", says the NetBSD/sparc webpage, and I personally was using it on
SLCs and 1+s in the mid/late '90s).  My favoured desktop head is still
a SS20 with a cg14 (for 24bpp capability at 1920x1080) and a type-3
keyboard, running (my slight evolution of) NetBSD 1.4T.

I didn't mention it when the question first came up because I didn't
know whether any version works on the U60.  I now see that the
NetBSD/sparc64 webpage claims support for "Ultra 60 family (Ultra 60,
E220R, Netra T 1120 and T 1125)" machines; I was not previously aware
the E220R was a U60-family machine - I have one and I've run NetBSD on
it.  (It's an oddity for me; I have relatively little interest in Suns
later than their switch to PCI.)

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