[rescue] Ultra 60, looking for CPU's, OS advice

Walter Belgers walter+rescue at belgers.com
Fri Dec 1 02:07:23 CST 2017

Hi all,

I recently rescued a bunch of Sun stuff, some shoeboxes, IPC, 
JavaStations, and an Ultra 60.

What OS can you recommend for the U60? Solaris 10 is a bit old, 11 does 
not work AFAIK. I came across Tribblix, but that does not recognise the 
onboard HME ethernet. I've tried FreeBSD but there's no packages and a 
could not install X from source (it needs gcc5 which is broken on 
sparc64). I've tried OpenBSD but the X server puts the video card 
(Creator3d) in a weird mode. What OS would be best suited? I want the X 
Window System and things like ZFS would also be nice.

I am trying to improve the U60 a bit. Swapped the 2 9GB disks for 72GB 
disks and put in an additional GB of RAM for a total of 2. But there's 
only 1 (360MHz) CPU. A pair of 450MHz CPU's would be nice, and they are 
cheap on eBay but not if you also need to pay shipment to the 
Netherlands. Does anybody have a pair lying around they'd like to get 
rid off?

Another thing is that the NVRAM died. I saw that on alibaba you can 
cheaply buy these timekeeper chips. I wonder if they are old stock with 
dead batteries or newly produced. I'm considering buying 10 of them to 
check them out..


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