[rescue] OK, this got me there!!! Re: Solaris 11 package conflicts

Phil Stracchino phils at caerllewys.net
Wed Aug 30 17:52:17 CDT 2017

On 08/30/17 18:13, Jerry Kemp wrote:
> solaris11vm /root 59 # pkg change-facet version-lock.runtime/perl-512=false
> solaris11vm /root 60 # pkg change-facet facet.version-lock.runtime/perl-512=false

Aha!  THIS did the trick.  Ironically I'm pretty sure I'd already done
this for some other package i needed to update ...   OpenSSL, I think
...  I'm not sure why I didn't think of trying it on Perl, except that I
didn't realize it was the same problem.  I now have both perl-512 and
perl-522 installed, and the tools that want modules included only with
perl-522 are happy, and update-manager SHOULD stop nagging me that it's
unable to update.

The amusing part of this is that it didn't need to uninstall perl-512 to
accomplish the update *anyway* ...

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