[rescue] [SunHELP] Sorry abou that outage

Doug McIntyre merlyn at geeks.org
Wed Aug 30 14:55:02 CDT 2017

On Wed, Aug 30, 2017 at 03:00:10PM -0400, Sandwich Maker wrote:
> just idle curiousity - dsl and/or ftth not available or too expensive?

FWIW: Most "new style" telco stuff is rarely protected, and the boxes out
in the field providing them will lose power and go dark for storm troubles.
DSL mostly is deployed with field remote DSLAMS that depend on utility power
and not CO power to keep running. There may be a few (< 20%) of DSL that
backhauls right to the CO. 

Same thing with Cable's CMTSs out in the field, they go down when
utility power is dropped. 

I don't have experience with FTTH GPON gear, if it has any equipment
that gets installed out in the field, or if everything is powered off
of CO power. I'd expect some sort of feeder gear out in the field that
will drop too when utility power goes out.

So, unless you've got glass running all the way from your home to the
(hopefully not flooded out data center), most large storms are going to
take out the Internet infrastructure feeding residential no-matter-what..

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