[rescue] Looking for sun4 SunOS4 QIC tapes

Andrew Liles blah at spilk.org
Sat Aug 26 20:23:05 CDT 2017

Looking specifically for the 2x QIC-24 SunOS 4.0.3c sun4c SUNBIN tapes but any
tapes relevant to the SunOS 4.0 - 4.1.4 era for SPARC would be nice to have.
Were tape distros made for sun4m machines?

Ibm sure many of these tapes are degrading at this point and Ibm not
seeing a whole lot of preservation of pre-Solaris SunOS releases for SPARC
around - maybe Ibm mistaken! Also seemingly hard to locate are any of the
optional distribution tapes for SunOS4 sun4 - like OpenWindows 1.0, etc.

sun3arc.org <http://sun3arc.org/> seems to be a great source for 68k-era
machines but havenbt found an equivalent for sun4[emc]

Would be happy with the physical tapes themselves or dumps of the contents.



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