[rescue] Multipack Power Supply pin-out?

Peter Stokes peter at ashlyn.co.uk
Wed Aug 23 15:37:39 CDT 2017

Hi Mike

The big tell tale on the original is that it had twice as many lights on the
front of the unit.


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On 23 Aug 2017, at 21:34, Mike Spooner <mike.spooner.ux at gmail.com> wrote:

>>> On 23/08/17 06:16 AM, Jonathan Katz wrote:
>>> All,
>>> I'm repurposing an old 1st gen Multipack as a case/setup for a cluster
>>> of Raspberry Pi systems. I'd like to reuse the Multipack's power
>>> supply to power the Pis & an ethernet switch I wish to mount inside.
>>> To do this I need the pinout of the power supply. Does anyone have
>>> this? Worst case I can break out a multimeter, but I figure someone
>>> may have this.
>>> This is the original Sun doc on the product, so there isn't much
>> confusion.
>>> https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19957-01/805-1667-10/805-1667-10.pdf
>> According to section 7.1 of that document, the power supply part number
>> is 300-1330.  Pinouts for that can be found on-line in the Field
>> Engineers Handbook:
>> http://www.shrubbery.net/~heas/sun-feh-2_1/Devices/DC_
>> Power/DCPOWER_FDK_1330_185W.html
> Careful with the term "original" - the *original* Multipack is a 12-bay
> 12-disk Fast-Wide-SCSI unit
> (recognisable from the inside by the presence of 12 SCA connectors on the
> backplane),
> where as the Multipack-2 (ref the above-posted link to Sun doc) is a 6-bay
> 6-disk UltraSCSI unit.
> The confusion arises because they both use the same chassis and both have a
> pair of 68-pin SCSI connectors
> on the back. From the outside, they are often indistiguishable (some
> Multipack-2 cases had an "UltraSCSI" badge
> on the front, but many *didn't*). In fact, the Multipack-2 has all 12
> "spud-mounting-rails" internally, in spite of
> having only 6 SCA connectors on the backplane).
> There is a chance that both models use the same spec/pinout of PSU, but you
> should check the documents for
> the *original* 12-bay/12-disk Multipack to make sure. I suppose that even
> if the pinout voltages are the same, the
> load-rating on the separate rails may well be different.
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