[rescue] V120 getting closer... (but missing right Solaris 8 version)

Jerry Kemp sun.mail.list47 at oryx.us
Sun Aug 6 15:52:36 CDT 2017

Hey Earl,

it looks like 10/01 needs a few patches to function correctly on V120's.

If someone could turn this version up, It looks like Solaris 8 02/04 was the 
last release of Solaris 8, and shipped on both CD and DVD optical formats.


On 08/ 6/17 03:20 PM, Earl Baugh wrote:
> ...but still need a little help.
> I got the cable set up and can connect to the box from my Mac.  Opened up
> the Solaris 8 box I had and went to install.
> However, I get a panic : panic[cpu0]/thread=10408000: invalid
> system_clock_freq 0xa98ac7
> Doing some research I found out that I need Solaris 8 10/01 when what I
> have is Solaris 8 10/00.   Doh!
> Does anybody have that iso where I could grab a copy? ( BTW : I need the CD
> install version...)
> (I know Peter told me when he got back he'd check but if anybody had one
> sooner, that would be appreciated)
> Earl
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