[rescue] Sun Type-4 keyboard problems

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Sat Aug 5 14:01:47 CDT 2017

> I'm using my 1992 Type 4 keyboard with a Sparc 10.  I have the
> original hard grid board and the optical mouse.  Lately, it seems to
> need a bit more jogging to get it to register a move.

> It could be my imagination, though.  Can anyone suggest some
> choices[?]

First thing I'd suggest is to turn it over and blow out dust.  They are
optical devices; dust accumulating on any of the pieces of the optical
path has the potential to impair functionality.

If that fails, take it apart (in my admittedly limited experience all
you need is a #2 Phillips screwdriver) and give it a more thorough

Failing that, it may, yes, need replacement.

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