[rescue] Clearpoint RAM - was Re: Sun-3 memory board

Chris syseng at gfsys.co.uk
Sat Aug 5 13:19:12 CDT 2017

On 08/05/17 17:00, rescue-request at sunhelp.org wrote:
> Re: [rescue] Clearpoint RAM - was Re: Sun-3 memory board

I'm new here and this is the first post, so hope it gets
to the correct thread.

I've had similar problems with old machines. The early
static ram seems the worst, but solder in memory can be pretty
bad. The most recent example was the cpu board for a HP 9816
tech computer. That used 64kx1 memory devices soldered into
the board, showing up loads of errors. Decided to replace
the lot, all 32 of them. Using sharp side cutters, cut pins
along the edge of the device and unsolder each pin to prevent
damage to the board. Put in turned pin low profile sockets
and new ceramic 64 k devices. Not as bad as it sounds and
well worth the effort, as this machine is needed for the HP
basic and IEEE control ability. Also, just neat 68k machines.

I'm also clearing ut a store this year. Loads of computer
kit, from Sun Ultra II, V210, V240 V440, Dec, IBM and more.
Free, not trying make any money from this, but is there any
interest in the UK ?. Of course, prefer to get rid of it all
at once, not bit by bit...


Oxford, England

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