[rescue] Sun Type-4 keyboard problems

john ferguson jferg977 at aol.com
Sat Aug 5 12:18:49 CDT 2017

I'm using my 1992 Type 4 keyboard with a Sparc 10.  I have the original 
hard grid board and the optical mouse.  Lately, it seems to need a bit 
more jogging to get it to register a move.

It could be my imagination, though.  Can anyone suggest some choices.

I'm not fond of idea of going to a mechanical mouse which was an option 
in 92 and I have no idea whether a newer keyboard-mouse combination can 
be made to work with the 10.

 From my SunVar days, I have a vague memory of selling someone a 
trackball which worked with that vintage sungear.  I tried it and didn't 
like it.

I use my system for CAD and solid-modeling and for that a mouse is 
really easiest.



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