[rescue] Clearpoint RAM - was Re: Sun-3 memory board troubleshooting

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Fri Aug 4 14:01:56 CDT 2017

> > If you find any docs, please let me know.  I have a 16MB VME card that
> has
> > a similar parity error. (Can't remember the manufacturer, Choicepoint,
> > Checkpoint, something like that...) .
> There are some Clearpoint documents on Bitsavers and Internet Archive.
> --Toby

Thanks Toby, yes Clearpoint.    I didn't have the board with me here at
work :-)
I'll check again but last time I was on Bitsavers they didn't have the
docs, but
need to re-check to see if they've gotten processed since then...


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