[rescue] Sun-3 memory board troubleshooting

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Fri Aug 4 09:01:19 CDT 2017

> From: Scott Quinn <saquinn624 at aol.com>
> Subject: [rescue] Sun-3 memory board troubleshooting
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> I pulled out my 3/110 for verification of my spare 3/110 CPU, but now
> under heavy diagnostics the 3/110 shows a parity error on the 12MB+SCSI
> expansion board.
> I tried re-seating all the chips, no change.
> The error on the console is "Parity error at address 0x00D3F428 EXP
> 0x2C5A5A97, Obs 0x2DA5A97" (and the expected parity calc.)
> Anyone have tips for how to map from the address to the board-level ICs on
> the Sun-3 memory expansion/SCSI card? I have some spare memory chips out
> from fixing a parity issue on the spare CPU board.

If you find any docs, please let me know.  I have a 16MB VME card that has
a similar parity error. (Can't remember the manufacturer, Choicepoint,
Checkpoint, something like that...) . However the chips are all soldered
(not socketed :-( ) .  So, I've not attempted the gargantuan task of
unsoldering all of those and adding sockets.  I'd DEFINITELy prefer to do a
less dramatic surgery and just replace the one (or few) that are bad.

And if you ever stumble over other Sun 3/110 spares, please let me know!!


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