[rescue] Sun-3 memory board troubleshooting

Scott Quinn saquinn624 at aol.com
Wed Aug 2 14:23:59 CDT 2017

I pulled out my 3/110 for verification of my spare 3/110 CPU, but now under heavy diagnostics the 3/110 shows a parity error on the 12MB+SCSI expansion board.

I tried re-seating all the chips, no change.
The error on the console is "Parity error at address 0x00D3F428 EXP 0x2C5A5A97, Obs 0x2DA5A97" (and the expected parity calc.)
Anyone have tips for how to map from the address to the board-level ICs on the Sun-3 memory expansion/SCSI card? I have some spare memory chips out from fixing a parity issue on the spare CPU board.

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