[rescue] One more big thing...

Jonathan Katz jon at jonworld.com
Wed Apr 19 12:08:27 CDT 2017

I have one more item I'm ditching.

It's a Dell R410 server OEM labelled as an ArcSight C5200 Appliance.
All ArcSight software is gone; it's a Dell server with an ArcSight
logo and the BIOS says ArcSight.

12G of RAM. 8 cores across 2x 2Ghz Xenon E5504 CPUs.

2x on-board gigabit ethernet

iDRAC support

2x power supplies

I can supply with 4x 500GB SATA hard drives but I do not have mounting
brackets for all four. It does have a DVD-ROM installed.

I am missing the rack mount kit :(

B#200 is too optimistic for this, so make offers.

+44 7465 605833

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