[rescue] Gear for sale in UK

Jonathan Katz jon at jonworld.com
Wed Apr 19 11:08:04 CDT 2017


I'm parting with a few things..

SGI Fuel:
600Mhz R14K SGI Fuel, 1G of RAM. 16G HDD.  I threw in a soundcard that
*should* work with IRIX but I'm not 100% sure. IRIX 6.5.30 seems to be
loaded. I tried to build/load some of the Nekoware stuff at one point
but ran out of time. Size and weight makes shipping prohibitive
(unless you're willing to pay.) I'm located in the UK now in OX10
(south of Oxford and north of Reading.)

2x Ross Hypersparcs. I ran them together in my Sparc 20 and they were
just fine. They're both 150Mhz/512M of cache.
1x 150-05-9650 aka 511-642-3002-735
1x 150-05-9715 aka 511-642-4900-7264

I think that's it for now. I'm looking for a SM81 MBus CPU so I can do
OpenStep on the Sparc20.


+44 7465 605833

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