[rescue] Static IP! Now what?

Scott Newell newell+rescue at n5tnl.com
Wed Apr 5 14:39:55 CDT 2017

At 01:17 PM 4/5/2017, Phil Stracchino wrote:

>Instead of a backup, consider running a hidden primary.  *You* run 
>your master DNS, and all your secondaries just slave it from 
>you.  Your master need not be an advertised DNS server for your domain.

I've heard of this, but what's the advantage? I'm running djbdns and 
the load is minuscule.

>Consider this an offer of a DNS secondary if you want one.

Thanks, but I think we're ok (secondaries at he.net, prgmr.com (our 
VPS host), and buddyns).

newell  N5TNL 

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