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Sun Apr 2 09:29:37 CDT 2017

>> I once spent an entire afternon trying to get a 1920x1080 flatscreen
>> to display 1920x1080 from a SPARCstation-20, and failed.
> TGX or SX ?

cg14, which I think means SX.

> TGX+ should be possible in some cases... (you need the 4 MiB of the +
> for the resolution, TGX won't do anything larger than the default
> 1152x900 with just 1 MiB)

It won't?  I know at least one framebuffer I played with was willing to
do 1920x1080 with only 1M, but it did so by repeating the pixels: after
1048576 pixels into the display, it started over.  But I can't recall
whether that was a cg6 or a cg14, or maybe even something else (I know
I have at least one leo...).

> Most flatscreen won't sync to anything with a refresh rate not very
> close to 60 Hz in practice.

Yeah.  "Improved to the point where they're not capable of what
thirty-year-old monitors did routinely."

> TGX(+) were amazing piece of hardware :-)

Indeed.  I just wish they were better documented.  (I've seen reason to
think there's a 3D transform engine in there, albeit not other things
that would today be considered essential for 3D rendering, but haven't
figured out how to do anything but the default of ortho projection
straight down the Z axis.)

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