[rescue] SPARCstation 5: framebuffer resolution wont change

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Sun Apr 2 09:21:14 CDT 2017

>> Modern flatscreen monitors have a nasty tendency to (a) have very
>> limited ability to cope with signals not exactly matching what their
>> EDID says they want and (b) throw up their figurative hands and
>> display either an "I don't like that signal" indication or nothing
>> at all when faced with a signal they don't like.
> This is pretty much a necessity since a flat-panel is, by definition
> a digital display and the older multi-sync CRTs are inherently
> analogue.

I find this argument..unconvincing.

"Digital devices are made with analog components."

> Contemplate for a moment what goes into each.  In the analogue
> multi-sync, the thing picks appropriate scan and frame rates, figures
> out the porches, syncs up and simply channels the analogue video
> signals to the electron-guns.

A flat-screen could do exactly the same thing, except feeding the video
signal to an A->D instead, at a clock rate PLL-synced to the input.
Phase is slightly more interesting, but still not all that difficult.

> Another failing-point for flat-panels is that they look like utter
> cr at p once off their native resolution,

Not always.  The early ones were (almost?) all willing to letterbox
instead of scaling (and I prize the few I have that are); modern ones
less often, and scaling is sometimes done well and sometimes poorly.
(Indeed, what constitutes "well" and "poorly" depends at least in part
on the application.)

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