[rescue] SPARCstation 5: framebuffer resolution wont change

Romain Dolbeau romain at dolbeau.org
Sun Apr 2 03:11:31 CDT 2017

2017-04-01 21:15 GMT+02:00  <matthewf at manx.net>:
> Well if that mode line wont work any suggestions as to what will ? , ive tried
> the default 1024x768x60 with no luck.

Try the others default resolution such as r1024x768x70 and
r1024x768x77 and r1152x900x66.

r1152x900x76 is the default on newer TGX I think if the monitor
doesn't have a Sun sense code. The refresh might be too high.

If all else fails and you run Solaris (and perhaps even Linux), you
can try my script...

1) Run the script in Solaris
2) Reboot to PROM
3) "nvedit", control-C to exit "nvedit"
4) "nvrun"
5) "s10775" to get 1024x768 VESA
X) typing "def" returns to the default resolution

... at least I think that's the procedure. It was a while ago...

> I'm fast running out of options here and getting very frustrated indeed. Have
> gone though 5 displays and many permutations of mode lines and set modes in
> the PROM with no usable results.

Weird. Which specific displays would that be? The monitor needs to be
able to sync-on-green IIRC, but many do even when the documentation
fails to mention it.

You mentioned at least one combination did display something - which
one was it (monitor, resolution?) That would be your starting point I
think. At least it shows you have the proper 13W3 <-> VGA adapter if
you get something (SGI and IBM ones don't work on Sun and neither does
the reverse...).


Romain Dolbeau

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