[rescue] SPARCstation 5: framebuffer resolution wont change

matthewf at manx.net matthewf at manx.net
Sat Apr 1 14:15:00 CDT 2017

Well if that mode line wont work any suggestions as to what will ? , ive tried
the default 1024x768x60 with no luck.

I'm fast running out of options here and getting very frustrated indeed. Have
gone though 5 displays and many permutations of mode lines and set modes in
the PROM with no usable results.

I have been recommended a monitor to try that someone reports good results
with at the Sun default resolution(which seems to be the only one that my SS5
will happily output) but it is #80 on ebay and I only paid #30 for the SS5
itself so this would be somewhat of a last resort.

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>2017-04-01 20:13 GMT+02:00  <matthewf at manx.net>:
>> Using the following lines gets me an error on my Eizo Flexscan L586:
>> 1: : vsetup " " 78750000,60022,75,16,96,176,1024,1,3,28,768,COLOR,0OFFSET"
>That probably won't work by default on a TGX, since 78.75 MHz is not a
>default clock on the TGX, it's probably defaulting to another one and
>perhaps ignoring you completely.
>Default resolution include (from the Frame Buffer FAQ,
>1024 x  768 at 60 Hz   64125000,48286,60,16,128,160,1024,2,6,29,768,COLOR
>1024 x  768 at 70 Hz   74250000,56593,70,16,136,136,1024,2,6,32,768,COLOR
>1024 x  768 at 77 Hz   84375000,62040,77,32,128,176,1024,2,4,31,768,COLOR
>1152 x  900 at 66 Hz   94500000,61845,66,40,128,208,1152,2,4,31,900,COLOR
>1152 x  900 at 76 Hz
>1280 x 1024 at 67 Hz
>1280 x 1024 at 76 Hz
>1600 x 1280 at 76 Hz
>There's also a 189 Mhz clock pre-defined that isn't listed here.
>Using other clocks required re-writing most of the support functions
>in Forth to be able to program the bt467 DAC.
>The programming is done using pre-defined words such as "ics74" or
>"ics117" from the "setup-oscillator" function, but the list is
>hard-wired. So you need to duplicate "setup-oscillator" and it's
>call-stack... it's quite tedious :-/
>If your system boot Solaris, the attached script will set (a lot of)
>Forth in the nvramrc to prepare stuff. It doesn't set use-nvramrc?
>because that's too dangerous :-) so you need to load the content of
>nvramrc by hand from the console (with nvedit & nvrun, see e.g.
>Then you should be able to use short-hand such as "s10775" to load
>1024x768 at 75.
>Beware, this is barely tested on a couple of TGX+ and TGX and it
>reprograms the bt467 to do funky stuff. It may cause any system to
>spontaneously catch fire or even summon the Prince of Insufficient
>Light to take you to Heck.
>Be sure you know how to reset the nvram w/o any console, or even
>better: make sure you're able to use a serial console.
>Use at your own risk.
>Good luck if you try it, you're going to need it.
>Romain Dolbeau
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